Buffy, Dogs, and Cadet Camp!
Buffy Dogs
Buffy The Vampire Slayer is a unique story about a normal teenaged girl named Buffy summers who's life was interrupted in order to save the world from the wrath of blood-sucking vampires and numerous other monsters. After burning down and getting kicked out of her old school in L.A CAlifornia, Buffy and her mother pack up and move to Sunnydale Calif'. When Buffy moves, she's still dosen't quite belive that she is the vampire slayer [as a matter of fact she dosen't belive it at all]. After buffy is all convinced she goes on to fight and defeat many deamons and Vampires. During all of this, Buffy makes friends with two normal teenagers named Willow and xander and later on Cordeilia, but thats another story. When Buffy meets angel, a renowned Vampire who'sbeen given back his soul as a curse, sparks start to fly.
Cadet Camp
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